Low-Vπ 0-20GHz X-cut Zero-chirp Compact Modulator

Vπ ~3.5-3.8V (@1GHz)
BW >20GHz
Insertion Loss <4dB and <3dB Versions

Dual-Parallel MZM
QPSK (I/Q) modulator

(X-cut Single Drive)

Y-branch 1x2 Phase modulator

Custom Specification

Ultra-wideband (DC→65GHz→110GHz+) modulator

Custom Specification

BW >10 and 20GHz
Vπ<7V and Vπ<5V Versions
Insertion Loss <4dB and <3dB Available

Polarization Maintaining Splitter

Low-loss polarization maintaining splitter

Polarization Controller

Low-loss and high-speed multi-stage polarization controller useful for polarization control, polarization mode dispersion (PMD) compensation, and polarization scrambling

All specifications subject to change without notice

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