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Careers at EOSPACE Inc.

EOSPACE Inc. is seeking talented individuals to fill a variety of roles in Research, Design, Engineering, Fabrication, Manufacturing, and Information Technology. As a specialized company, each employee's contribution is critical to delivering value to our customers by exceeding expectations and producing products with new technical capabilities.



Location: Redmond, Washington

EOSPACE is adjacent to restaurants, excellent grocery stores, and wholesale-retail options. Our location is easily accessible by public transit and an extensive regional network of bike trails.


nightlife and Adventure

The Puget Sound region boasts world-class food, nightlife, and entertainment options and some of the most majestic scenery in the world. Surrounded by mountains, major water features, and wildlife the Northwest is the perfect place for anyone with interest in the outdoors.


Company events

EOSPACE provides employees with the opportunity to participate in group events which feature some of the boundless possibilities our region has to offer.