Phase Modulator

A low-loss and wideband phase modulator for chirp control or coherent optical applications

40 + Gb/s Modulator

Low-loss and wideband intensity modulators for OC-768 applications

Short-wavelength Modulators

Low-loss and wideband intensity and phase modulators for short-wavelength applications

10-20 GB/S Modulators

Low-loss, extended bandwidth intensity modulators with Forward Error Corrections (FEC)

1x2 & 2x2 Dual-Output Modulators

12.5, 20, and 40 Gb/s intensity modulators can be packaged with dual complementary outputs

Small Form Factor 12.5+ Gb/s Modulators

Low-loss, extended bandwidth intensity modulator for OC-192 data rates and higher using Forward Error Correcting (FEC) for high output power ultra-long-reach (80+ km) MSA transponder modules


All specifications subject to change without notice

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