High-Speed Switch Matrices

Product High-speed switches.png

Integrated, low loss, high-speed, strictly non-blocking switch matrices useful for fast network reconfiguration or optical packet switching


Example Specifications (call for custom requirements)

  High-Speed Switch Matrices
Insertion Loss (dB) < 10.0 (for 8x8)
Switching Time (ns) << 100
Cross Talk (dB) < 30 
Polarization Independent or Maintaining
Optical Return Loss (dB) > 45
Wavelength (microns)  1.55 (C-Band and L-Band)
Input Fiber SM or PM
Output Fiber SM or PM
Optical Connectors FC/UPC Standard (FC/APC & Others)
Custom Congifurations 1.06 & 1.3 micron availiable

All specifications subject to change without notice.

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